Healthy resonates from my Spirit-level operating system and projects into my Physical-self.

The filters and programs of abuse, burdens, lack, distortions, non-alliance with time (present moment) and non-deserving, being subservient to the programs of ageing and decay – embedded in my molecular structures and DNA from generations of their effects -  hinder the strong connection between my Spirit-Self and the Being of my Physical-Self.

My identity as a Physical Being – body form, emotions, perceptions of this Reality -are all clouded and out-of-focus when these filters and programs define how my Spirit renders my Physical-self.

An imperfect and unhealthy projection of my default blueprint and settings as a Human into this physical Space-Time Universe.

Doing Physical fixes: Putting on band-aids, covering up these blemishes, fixating on shifting habits, adding more and more corrective lenses on top of these out of focus lenses does not remove the underlying separation from Healthy.

I am removing all that is not needed – All that keeps me from connecting with my Purest Source.

My Spirit-level master plan is the source code for Healthy!




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