As the world reshapes, what has value and how we measure each moment changes. The old consciousness of analytics fails. There is a new consciousness of analytics and acceptance using XI tools (Xponential Intelligence (C) – see Mas-Sajady).

My sense is that we each are already noticing these new forms of abundance.
However, using the base of the former human consciousness as the comparison and measuring rod is like using bricks to measure beams of light. Using Limits to measure Limitless.
Each of us will use new concepts and new principles and XI tools. (‘new’ as being different from the old/former concepts and principles).
The language and perception – while unique to each individual’s experience – has commonality within the new High Performance Consciousness.
The language and perceptions of value and abundance within the lens of the old Human Consciousness no longer apply.
Not as rules, but as an in-common, familiar measuring stick, we are using change, transform, elevate and enhance and self-gain and higher level and increase – which are all comparative terms. Comparing to the old human consciousness base.
What is the new comparative base – using XI – when we experience Abundance and notice the shift/change in ourselves, our relationships, our path — and as we progress forward and confirm that difference?
What is the new higher level, Abundance Index?
thank you all
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