March 19th at 10:49pm EDT the Sun Crossed the Equator.

The Seasons Change.

Spring Begins / Winter Ends in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Begins / Summer Ends in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Seasons are one of the Great Cycles of our Planet and of Humanity.

As the Sun sits on the Equator – the Light and the Dark are equal.

12 hours of Day Light and 12 hours of Night Darkness.

The Daily Cycle of Light and Darkness is in Balance.

The Cycle of the Abundance of Life re-populating the Earth.

The Cycle of the Lack of Life re-populating the Earth.

During the Vernal Equinox we live and experience the Balance of Light and Darkness.

The Balance of Life and Death.

The Balance of Abundance and Lack.

In each Season the Cycle of Possibilities is Renewed – Within Us and Around Us.


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