The Spa, Thermal Springs and Wellness Centers – on an international basis – have been devastated by the COVID closures.

Utilization has been as low as 30% — almost all have been below 70% of pre-pandemic levels and  been subjected to cycles of full closures. Many smaller operations have closed.

Destinations and larger facilities appealed to government bail-outs when the international air traffic closures stopped tourism and cross-border travel.

The facilities that are still open have focused on mandated social distancing and sanitation processes to remain “viable”. They have focused on their local geographies – 6 to 8 hour drive time radius – as their new primary markets.

Pools and saunas, and smaller fitness class sizes are being emphasized – adapting to the “distancing” rule. Tracing data has to be collected on all customers.

Many of the person-to-person “touch” services – massage, individualized instruction – are problematic as one confirmed infection can close an entire facility.

The online person-to-person services have removed a large segment of the Health and Wellness fitness customers – many of whom can access higher quality, on-demand services at lower costs with higher privacy and no social health risk.

These centers have equated “privacy” and “by-appointment” to raised pricing as they compensate for lower demand and limitations on capacities – seeing themselves as now offering a high priced, revised definition of “luxury”.

The standard processes under the old Human Consciousness 7.0 will prevail and the banks/lenders and governments (local, states/prefects, and national) will foreclose many facilities – placing them under “managers/operators” tasked with preserving assets and converting/re-purposing properties and facilities with the goal to generate cash-flow and write-off their non-performing investments.

There will be sales and mergers/consolidations – run by investment-fund managers. There will be banker-selected and government-selected “winners”.

All from the old Economic paradigm playbook.

The skills and innate spiritual value of the people and the localities will be of no consequence – of no value.

In fact, lower-cost, less-skilled and less advanced service providers will be the norm.

The frequency signature of these centers, facilities and personnel will NOT be filled with health and wellness.

The True Health and Wellness of the staff and services providers and the end-products they share with their customers are not part of their Old Humanity equation.

There will be tremendous opportunities for the new business paradigm for Spa and Wellness professionals within the High Performance Human Consciousness.  The True Health and Wellness of the staff and services providers and the end-products they share with their customers is an unwavering principle within the High Performance Human Consciousness.

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