Use your Power Om to set your intent and purpose for positive benefits, healing and health. Your Mind-Body-Spirit Preparation pre-sets the environment and communicates your intent and purpose throughout your field of energy and your field of influence.

Prepare yourself, your patients-clients, your co-workers and the environment around you with the positive intent and purpose and with the energy and information that creates and builds the results-destinations of Health and Healing.

Protect yourself from taking on the patterns and weakness that surround illness and disease.

Remove distractions and distortions.

Understand the Detox process as unhealthy programs and patterns are deleted and healthy patterns and programs are restored.

Understand the discipline of breathing(your own and your patient-client’s) and being present.

Remove oppression and negativity from your relationship with your patient-clients.

Create and communicate the energy and the information that builds the positive, sustainable results.

Instill the purity and intent of self-healing – the basic tenet of all healing paradigms.

Remove stress and pain. Remove the dogma of limitations, obstructions and blocks that have produced undesired results in the past.

Change your level of awareness to creating and building Health and Healing.

This Guide Book is available for in-person presentation – individuals, groups – and as a Live Teleseminar.  It can also be personalized for your group or community in Print and as an eBook.

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