SONIC ART Elevates the Message Through the Beauty Embedded Within the Frequencies
Resonating Beyond the Five Physical Senses

You and Your Environment
Absorb, Store and Reflect the Frequencies of Everything and Everyone
Within the Ranges of the Five Senses and At Higher Levels of Consciousness


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Your Individualized Message, Personalized Images

Resonating Vibrant Frequencies


Sonic Art

Sonic Art “Push the Boundaries” Posters Now Available

ArtWork Credit: (1) “Noctilucent Clouds”, NASA (ISS) 6/13/2012 sampled/modified by DAlvey/SonicArt and integrated with (2) “Andromeda Galaxy (M31)”, NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton (University of Washington, USA), B. F. Williams (University of Washington, USA), L. C. Johnson (University of Washington, USA), the PHAT team, and R. Gendler, sampled/colorized/modified by DAlvey/SonicArt. Voice-Graph Frequencies, by DAlvey/SonicArt.

SONIC ART Resonates the Powerful Frequencies Embedded in the Visual Message Beyond the Five Senses

Everything around us – objects, thoughts, intentions, people, places – are frequencies received through our five physical senses and through our higher-level senses. Frequencies build the reality around us.

Everything around us is also a recording device retaining all levels of the frequencies encountered – including the underlying blueprints of time, source, context, emotions and intent – without judgment.


Your unique Sonic Art captures and projects Your Frequencies, Your Identity and Your Message -  for your own Guidance, to Fill, ReSet and Define your Home and Workplace.

Welcome everyone into your Business, Office and Home for the Purpose, Intention and Results You Resonate From Within!

Your Sonic Art delivers your message – to keep for yourself and as a Gift and Reward for someone else.

Use the contact details for information on creating/submitting your personal message and creating voice-graph frequencies/recording, individually, or with your partner, business team, or family.