Does putting up Mantras and Slogans lock you into place instead of enhancing and moving you higher?

Even this Post is time-stamped – a frame from my reality at this moment as I think it and write it.

These frequencies, as Bright and Joyful as they are, reflect everything within me as of this moment. All of the burdens, all of the lineage, all of the changes and upgrades – are vibrant as of this here and now.

Basically, this is a form of time travel – as the frequencies and reality of this soon-past message becomes a vibrant echo into these future moments. In those future moments, their future-present frequencies cascade back so that these present frequencies are not frozen in time.

They are being reformed and subject to this accumulated moment in which they are perceived as much as they are subject to the accumulated moment in which they were conceived.

They will resonate as you read it. They will stir within you the same frequencies of curiosity and creativity that invest within me.

Everything around each of us vibrates with it own accumulated sets of frequencies. Our perception curates, shades and shapes them into our reality and experience.

The powerful realization is that I am not a Messenger — I am the Message. (Thank you Mas !)

It is my Brightness and my Joy that I have created and have left here for you.

This Sonic Art is Transparent – it reveals the Truth of Me as the Message – at my Highest Potential.





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