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  • MEDITATIONS FOR SELF-GAIN focuses on creating new solutions and new results in your life and in your relationships.
  • Build a strong, vibrant foundation that unlocks your natural abilities and accesses possibilities, opportunities and pathways – instead of repeating your past.
  • Meditations can address any problem or opportunity custom-fitted to your specific immediate situation and tailored to fit you or your group’s interests and availability.
  • Meditations include presentations on new paradigms for Health, Wealth, and Relationships – including Release and Recovery from patterns and programs of Abuse, Ageing, Non-Deserving, Outside Controls, Limits and Lineage.
  • Individuals and Groups – Live – Online and In-Person

RRRMD AudioTitle POM This guided Meditation for Self-Gain relaxes and refreshes your Mind and Body  - a need we all have on a daily basis. A self-reward that resonates with everyone, especially young parents in need of a personal time-out and reboot during your busy day. This Meditation will turn-off the outside noise and reboot your Mind-Body-Spirit.  Guides you to be in control. You stop the old programs and patterns that auto-pilot you with tension, stress and being tired. You activate your natural programs and abilities to Relax Refresh and Reboot. For new and experienced Meditators, regardless of past practices. Begin and Improve.

MindBodySpa - DayOneDay One brings purification to your Mind-Body-Spirit as you remove and let go the patterns and programs that block and limit. Your Mind-Body processor knows what it needs to let go.

MindBodySpa - DayTwoDay Two increases your natural energies and creative powers. Fill in the gaps that were cleansed and removed with the goals and results you want in your life.

BR 2Your Natural Ability to Meditate for Self-Gain – begin and improve your use of Meditation and build the results you want in all areas of your life.  Your “Go To” gift to Yourself!

DeepHealthySleepEnjoy Deep Healthy Sleep that rejuvenates you physically and mentally. Turn off distractions and remove the patterns that focus on old baggage and worries that block you from your natural healthy sleep programs.

PerfectWorkoutPresMind-Body preparation for your Fitness and Training Workout individually, with an instructor and in a group class.  Pre-set the workout environment mentally and physically as you control the energy and information before and during your workout/fitness/training session.

Access and use your Spirit blueprint  for the results you want to build. Perfect practice equals perfect results – Mind-Body-Spirit.

ProfessionalTrainersHigher-level training using visualization for peak performance and perfect results – personally and professionally. Pre-set the workout environment for yourself, your clients, and group-classes mentally and physically.

You control the energy and information before and during your workout/fitness/training session. Perfect practice equals perfect results – Mind-Body-Spirit.

HealthyBloodPressure PONChange your Blood Pressure levels step-by-step using your natural abilities. Make this Meditation a part of your daily routine. Major hospitals and health organizations use and recommend meditation for healthy cardio-care, and better overall health.

Clinical tests confirm benefits in lowering high blood pressure, improving the immune system, increasing concentration, better sleep.

EyesOpen RidersRunnersJoggersTwo 20-Minute Sessions for on-the-go Mind-Body-Spirit connection during your Ride, Run or Jog.  Session One “Get Going” is perfect for Preparation and Awareness as you remove blocks and limitations – and focus on your Body, the physical environment, and set your purpose/intent for healthy results. Session Two is “Cruising” as your connected Mind-Body processes each moment and the flow of time-space-motion inside and outside yourself. You let go of everything you need to let go while you stay alert to everything around you - as you improve and enjoy your fitness routine  and improve your training results and overall health.

PersonalizedSessionsFor individuals, groups, employers, and benefit providers. Custom designed to individual and group needs.


ProblemSolvingCreate and Build New Results using your natural abilities and stronger Mind-Body-Spirit connection.


HappinessYour Mind-Body Processor is on auto-pilot nearly 100% of the time. You reproduce your past running the same old programs and patterns. Meditation gets you out of the ruts you are in. Remove the pain bodies that keep recurring.

IntentPurposeTurn on your internal GPS system. Your Mind-Body-Spirit connects you with all of the choices and decisions that will get you from where you are now to the abundance you want.

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