Meditation During Yoga <> Yoga During Meditation   ( #1 Self-Gain )

When I began Yoga sessions with the Iyengar Yoga Association in NYC, I was amazed by the near immediate connection I felt with my meditation level.

The Yoga connection between Mind and Body, and the connection between Mind-Body and Spirit as you focus within your own body – being aware of the position of your arms, hands, spine, hips, and legs down through your toes, the balance in your pose and your position in the space around you – combined with noticing and managing your breathing, are all basic elements of shifting to your deeper state of meditation.

Your concentration within yourself neutralizes any noises and distractions that are outside of you.

Since then, I heard this parable from Mas Sajady during one of his talks: An initiate asked his religious teacher if it was okay to meditate during his prayers. The teacher said “No.” Another initiate asked if it was okay to pray during his meditation. The teacher said “Absolutely!”

This parable came back to me during one of my Yoga sessions shortly after.

During Yoga is it okay to meditate? – Yoga is one doorway to connecting your Mind-Body and Spirit.

During Meditation is it okay to Yoga? – Absolutely!

This is a part of the larger realization – Meditation is shifting your Mind, Body and Spirit to the higher level of your Spirit. Being at your Spirit level you are experiencing this Life and the physical universe around you through your Spirit. Seeing this world through your ‘Spirit-eyes’.

At your Spirit level, you remove judgement against yourself and against all of the events, people, patterns and programs around you. You are neutral – with all of the light and all of the darkness balanced. You are oppressing no one. No one is oppressing you. You are in self-control.

As you continue to remove the auto-pilot programs and patterns from your past, you are creating the new results you want for yourself and the world around you – limitless abundance.

Pre-Set Your Environment for a Perfect Yoga Experience at Your Spirit Level !

Begin your Yoga session by entering your Spirit level of Meditation – Breathe Deeply and Expand into Your Spirit Space.  This is now the perfect environment to experience Yoga and bring the Yoga connections between Mind and Body and Spirit into the present moment – and to maintain a strong connection between Mind-Body and Spirit throughout the day in all that you do.

Being connected to the higher levels of your Spirit is being in a constant neutral space – limitless in possibilities. Limitless in creating abundance in all aspects of your Life.

best regards!

Safe and Healthy Always!

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