Presentations focus on the questions and problems you are facing and open your awareness to create and build the answers, solutions and new results that you want for yourself, your business, your co-workers, team mates, students, patients - anyone and any activity where you want to set and achieve new levels of success and stop recycling and reproducing the mistakes and negative results from your past.

Your Health, Wellness and Meditation practices should do more than make you an observer of the reality you are living.

Through your deeper connection with yourself, you learn what your natural abilities have been doing your entire life and how to make changes to the Mind-Body connections that filter and distort your Spirit Level default operating system.

Presentations guide you to learn how to actively use your natural abilities to pre-set the environment with your intent and purpose and effectively receive and process the energy, information, building blocks and points of reference that build the new results you want. Using your natural abilities, you change your Mind-Body connections, shift your level of Awareness, awaken your Spirit and live the Future you want.

Presentations are available for groups, teams, and classes: entrepreneurs, artists, business executives, managers and employees; athletes, coaches, trainers, and workout participants, competitors; physicians, nurses, therapists, and care providers; teachers and students. Plan, communicate and achieve better outcomes. Analyze and resolve problems easily and effectively. Stop wasting time and resources fixing the same-old problems again and again.

Live with your Mind-Body and Spirit supporting everything you do and want.

If your business and the people you work with are having problems, not using your full capacities and abilities, are not achieving individual and group success, or you have critical decisions to make and specific challenges to resolve – use your Group’s Master Mind at its higher level  to focus on creating answers to the questions and solutions to the problems that are impacting you, your group,  personal issues, and your business.

Sync your business enterprise with the new Business Paradigm that creates true value as you and those around you live your highest potential.

Train, coach, teach and lead at full capacity and in the moment.

Presentations are appropriate for individuals who are beginning to awaken their awareness as well as for those who have experiences in Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Qi Gong, martial arts, Mind-Body therapies, training and exercise programs, motivational seminars, and other modalities for self-improvement.

Presentations are individualized and tailored for Individuals and Groups addressing you, your business, your team, your relationships – most importantly your Future and its possibilities and potential results.

Presentations fit your schedule from 1/2 hour coffee/lunch tables to Boardroom discussions to multi-day dialogues – and as needed and as requested refreshes. From informal settings to classrooms to ongoing series of programs.

Presentations begin with “Why Are You Here?”,then guide you to explore and expand your awareness through:

  • “Effective Efficient Being Present”
  • “Breathing”
  • “How Do I Connect With My Highest Potential”
  • “Spirit and Science”
  • “Creating vs. Observing”
  • “Group Master-Minds”
  • “Points of Reference”
  • “Duality”
  • “Abundance Frequencies”
  • - and your own Present Needs.

Create and build the new results that you want in your workplace, to change your life physically, mentally and spiritually, and to build the reality you want for yourself and for the world around you.

You can continue to reproduce your past or you can create and build the new results you want in your future.

You can live with your same-old programs and functions that your Mind-Body Spirit connections  are using to respond to the inputs of energy and information that you receive and process – or not.

If you do not change your Mind-Body Spirit connections, your future can only be a reproduction of your past.

If you do not create and build the future you want, you will live in the future that others create and build for you.

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