When you are creating and manifesting – you get deeply involved in the process.

These processes may come from ‘best practices’, from mentors and gurus, from schooling, from past experiences, from mistakes, from other’s success – from principles dictated by science, religion, culture, and family.

The process does not create or manifest anything.

Changing the process does not enhance your creativity.

It is the Consciousness that you are involved in when do the process that creates and manifests.

Change your Consciousness. If you are looking for solutions to problems, or creating new technology, or changing the World – you need to be in a higher level of Consciousness.

The principles and rules of the Operating System that is the Consciousness determine how efficient and how effective any available process creates and manifests.

If your Consciousness only paints Orange, then no matter what process you use, what you create and manifest is Orange.

If your Consciousness only paints Abuse or Lack or Failure or Hate – ingrained in your DNA and in Humanity – then all available processes create and manifest Abuse, or Lack, or Failure or Hate.

If Your Consciousness is Bright and Brilliant Everything You Create and Manifest is Bright and Brilliant.




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