Auto-Heuristic Healing – That is how your body uses its natural systems to maintain, repair and heal. These abilities are 99% within our Spirit level consciousness and 1% within our Physical level consciousness. These  healing abilities are within you – Nothing outside you can heal you if these internal abilities are disconnected.

Healing flows from your Spirit-Self into your Physical-Self.

Wanting your Physical-Self to be healthy is letting your Spirit-Self guide you to the resources, things and solutions that reset and reboot the programs that create health, vitality and healthy results in all areas of your life – and in the world around you.

In this global event – We are personally challenged as we live in real fear for our own individual health and recoil from any sign of sickness or distortion near us.

We also are living in an objective perspective as we watch and experience the fear of everyone around us – as we are forced to be both the involved participant and the detached observer.

The entire world is being broadcast and viewed by the entire world.

The Power Structures are going full-tilt to assume control over an energy that is larger and stronger than they are. They take charge of counting the sick and the dead – they take over the types and styles of medical care and the minutes of our daily lives.

They demand we distance ourselves from each other.

We are told to stand still and  watch as their “solutions” slowly lessen the reach and consequences of this virus.

We will see at what point their power and control over society reaches its breaking point. We will see when the life-cycle of this virus ends – with and without their efforts.

That is not a pessimistic statement or one based on gloom and doom.

This is a time for individual awakening.

This change is a once in ten thousand years opportunity to experience and learn from the power of Nature as our society and our humanity is being re-shaped.

There will be ongoing fear and ongoing deaths – and there will be changes and consequences as everything in our world is transformed.

Within each of us are amazing abilities to heal.  Just as Nature and our Earth have massive powers to change and survive.

Our internal auto-heuristic systems know what things within us are distortions and which are harmful. They are the same programs that create our bodies, each cell and each atom, from inception to death – create, maintain, balance, repair and heal.

99% of Healing comes from within each of us – not from others.


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