It is coincidence, not cause and effect, when at most 2% of the customers of the self-help and self-improvement industries actually succeed in resolving the problems in their life and achieving the results that they wanted.

These teachers, mentors and celebrity-experts use that 98% Failure Rate to market their services. They know you will fail – they depend on you failing and coming back for more.

When the direct consequence and result is 98% Failure, their program is correlated to sustaining Failure!

98% of their customers fail just as they have failed in their past. In fact, mostly these teachers, mentors and celebrity-experts sell you a journey through your past failures and a journey through the blocks, limitations, obstacles and dogma that created failure. They sell you a journey through all of your failed journeys.

They don’t test you, evaluate you, or qualify you. All they know is that you failed in your past and will pay to document and discuss all of the reasons people fail.  What does that say about their goals and expectations for you? At best, you will be familiar with all of the intimate details of failure, limitations, blockages and fears.

Your energy and influence will be focused on and devoted to failure, limitations, blockages and fears as your results. You will still need more journey through your past and they are ready to sell you more journey.

Power Om has a 100% Success Rate. Your Power Om natural abilities have created and built every moment in your past. The awareness and Mind-Body connections you have right now will create and build your future. Unless you use your Power Om natural abilities to change them, your future can only be a reproduction of your past.

The 2% who use these journeys and tours of their Bucket One items – blocks, limitations, obstacles and dogma – and do coincidentally succeed, I believe, manifested new results because they used their own natural abilities to focus on their intent and purpose and changed their awareness and their Mind-Body connections. That Power Om process of change just happened to coincide with the self-help marketing program they bought (2% of the time).

Realize, at their base, all of the self-improvement and self-help programs ultimately and exclusively rely on you using your own natural abilities to change yourself. The 2% success rate proves that you as an individual have these natural abilities more than it proves anything about their marketing program’s particular usefulness.

When you Power Om to change your awareness and your Mind-Body connections, you perceive and receive the energy and information that your aligns you with your new results-destination.  These points of reference and building blocks guide you to the people, activities, ideas, and decisions that create and build the new results that you want in your life and in the world around you.

Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness and Truth.


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