#5 SELF-GAIN: Einstein and Scrambled Eggs

Crack two eggs into a bowl. Yolks sitting in the egg white albumen.

Stir. Scramble the eggs.

Pause. Note the scrambled eggs.

How much stirring is needed to unscramble the eggs so you have Yolks sitting in Egg Whites again?

Stir. Stir. Stir.

Are you any closer to unscrambling the eggs?

Will you ever unscramble the eggs by stirring them?

You cannot use the same tools and strategies that created the problem to create the solution.

You need a different mind-set from the mind-set that created the situation. (Einstein)

It takes new programs, patterns and frequencies to create new solutions to the same old problems that recur in your life.

The old filters and programs have been used so much for so long that what you consider truth is based on your life-times and families’ generations of filters and distortions that have become accepted and expected as your reality. You are living the filters and the distortions. You define Truth using those filters and distortions.

When the same-old results occur, notice that you are repeating and reproducing your past. You are repeating and reproducing the filters and distortions that keep repeating the same-old problems and you are using the same old patterns, programs and frequencies to live those old problems and their same-old results.

Remove the old filters and distortions that you use to look at and live your life.

Close your eyes and imagine the reality where those problems do not occur. Close your eyes and ask yourself, from your Spirit, what is the source of the problem and how do you create a new solution. Use a different mind-set, from your Spirit, to create a new solution.

Shift and live a different reality – bring in new truths without the burdens of those layers of old filters and old distortions that keep you living in lack.


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