#4 SELF-GAIN: Using Your Inner Critic

One of your biggest blocks to success and abundance is your Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic includes all of the patterns and programs from others that have attached to you. Your parents and family, teachers, friends, inherited lineage, your religion, your culture, your past experiences, and your past lives.

You don’t deserve it. You can’t have it. You don’t belong. You can’t do that.

You feel them in and above the upper back of your head – You hear their voices above and behind you. They are the programs and patterns from everyone and everything outside you that all want to control you and oppress you.  They push you. They feed off of you physically and mentally. They have become your habits.

They are major components of your Identity – how you see yourself and how others see you and treat you.

You give in to your Inner Critic and accept the same-old choices that never change – and your results never change, or they just get worse.

Your Inner Critic focuses on your weaknesses. Your weaknesses get stronger. You sense your life through your weaknesses. You live your life being guided by your weaknesses.

As you acknowledge the power of your weaknesses and how they control and block you, you realize that knowing what your weaknesses are serves a good and higher purpose as this forces you to either accept your weaknesses and stay unfulfilled and blocked from being your limitless self, or they force you to address your weaknesses and move into your strengths, breaking through barriers and becoming successful, abundant and limitless.

When someone criticizes you, they are doing you a favor. Whatever their motives and desires to control you, inside their criticisms is some truth. Inside their criticisms they are using your weaknesses to control you. They are focusing a spotlight on your blocks and limitations. They are showing you the patterns and programs that are keeping you from success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Knowing your past weaknesses blesses you as you turn your Inner Critic into a valuable, trusted coach that guides you and helps you move forward. Your weaknesses stop controlling you. They become signposts that help you navigate away from your weaknesses and towards your strengths.

Using your Inner Critic to strengthen you – you become stable and balanced, and a better decision-maker instead of just repeating your past weaknesses and living your past limitations.

Using your Inner Critic as a guide and a coach, people around you no longer identify you by your weaknesses. Everyone and everything around you starts to reflect your strengths back to you. You move into a space of health, self-control, self-love, success, abundance and being your limitless Self.

Safe and Healthy Always!

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