Self-Control vs Master Mind Groups ( #2 Self-Gain )

There is a constant debate and conflict between Centralized Power and Individual Power.

The US Constitutional friction between Individual Rights and Powers/Control delegated to the States and Powers/Controls delegated to the Federal government has permeated all areas of US society, politics, religions and family life. The Freedom of an Individual to self-control and self-govern has been limited as the various government and agency bureaucracies create more rules and regulations and more friction between individuals and how they live their lives.

There is the fundamental conflict between an Individual connecting directly with their Creator/God (Pure Source) and the paradigms and dogmas of religions – Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Bhuddist, and others – that assert the religious institutions themselves are necessary intermediaries and their sets of rules and regulations (controls) are the only opportunity for any individual to manifest that divine connection.

This debate/conflict over Self-Control and the control that these Master Mind Groups exert is becoming a more mainstream topic as the current revived debate over decentralizing the US Government gains more advocates- moving whole Departments and Agencies out of the DC political metro-plex and into cities and communities outside of the Mid-Atlantic region especially into those communities that have suffered as the economy and centers of commerce have shifted due to changes in technology, overseas competition, and losses of local jobs and opportunities.

An article in the LA Times recently mentioned a forthcoming book by Professor David Fontana, George Washington University, focused on the issues of decentralizing government. Again, an ongoing and very timely topic with its polarities of politics, religions, cultures and family units.

Centralized Power Groups Form a Master Mind Network

Every group – as small as two people and as large as the global community – together form a Master Mind Group. This Master Mind Group Network becomes an entity – a meta level program, or more accurately an admin level program – that controls, generates and normalizes the patterns of the group to which the group-members then are restricted and conformed.

The Master Mind Network sets a range of expectations and a set of processes that limit the possibilities of the group and the group members to function outside of its patterns. They stay within this group comfort-zone – which does not need to be communicated on a physical sensory level.

The outside stimuli that they can perceive is limited by the filters of their group Master Mind.

The centralized network of the Master Mind Group becomes insulated from any outside inputs and possibilities. The central hub limits and discourages input from its nodes. Information only flows from the center outwards.

This is the group Master Mind that you see in a flock of birds, a school of fish, a pack of wolves or a herd of horses or cows stampeding as they function without any single leader – abrupt and instant changes in directions as a group without any visible cascade of cues or commands – no single leader.

This pattern is broadcast at the group level frequency – above the individual physical sensory frequencies. This is within the same level you would consider to be a spiritual level – a universal level that contains the physical universe.

These Master Mind entities occur in social, political, religious and family groups – any group or team or purpose (the community on a bus, you and your co-workers, a chat room,  a meeting of CEOs).  As soon as two individuals get together they create this shared experience entity. They create a Master Mind network entity.

Under the Law of the Telecosm (Metcalfe’s law asserts that the value of a network rises by the square of the number of compatibly connected users) two people have a power of “4″ as a network. When you add in the network effect of the Master Mind entity to those same two individuals, you now have 3 entities with a power of “9″ as a network. In a group of 20 with a base power of “400″, the Master Mind increases the network value of that group to “441″. The network Master Mind adds a deeper connection and strength shared by all of the group-members.

As a stand-alone individual you have the power of “1″ – in a large group – political, religious, social, etc. – you have a much larger power. Geometrically stronger than your strength as an individual.

It is difficult to escape from that larger power’s control  and fom the strength that the large Master Mind Networks broadcast. For members of the group, it is inconceivable to switch from one Master Mind Group to another and you cannot perceive any possibility that you will abandon its paradigm and dogma.

The network Master Mind creates rules and regulations for interaction within the group and against outsiders. The identity of group-members versus non-group-members and the rules require full allegiance  across this Master Mind network. The life of the Master Mind Group entity takes control and dominates all interactions – internal and external.

The flow of a fanatic group of sports fans onto the field of play, as a gang or herd, their penchant for group identity in clothing, logos and speech are also master mind controlled experiences – actions dictated by the Master Mind network they live.

Nature looks for efficiencies. Distortions in Nature tend to atrophy and die over time.

Master Mind Groups use their rules and patterns to disrupt Nature’s efficiency. Their defense by dominance supplants the default settings of the individual and nature as their survival will distort, waste, pollute and kill the life around them to protect their group. They protect the group’s existence against outsiders and against change. Contradictions in the dogma don’t detract from the overall sanctity of the Group’s paradigm.

This skewing to achieve dominance is also skewing to extremism. Patterns and possibilities outside of the group Master Mind are to be ignored, degraded and eliminated. Logic and rationality give way to emotional pegs – basic reactionary controls against anyone and anything outside.

The opposition between differing groups, as very evident in politics and religion, have hardened over generations into extreme polarities. Cultures, politics and religions have been distorted into silos of extreme self-preservation.

One group deems itself the embodiment of good and its opposing group as the embodiment of evil.

Master Mind networks  are deeply installed – over time it becomes part of the individual’s and their children’s DNA. It is difficult if not impossible to alter its path – as it does not accept, and in most instance, does not perceive any other paradigm or dogma. Within its group, there are no alternative paradigms or dogma, or possibilities of such, to consider.

The conflict between centralized power and individual power – group-control vs self-control – has been repeated throughout history. Whether the centralized power has been beneficent and enhanced the life of its group members (Cyrus the Great) or not is also a current topic as there is more evidence of a new Business Paradigm based on awakening the individual’s Spirit and benefits that enhance the life of each person and the life of the planet in full.

The Master Mind Groups of the ‘Powers That Be” – political, religious, cultural and family ties – are being challenged and fear losing their control, their wealth and their power over their group-members. Social and commercial structures and their foundations will be tested.

I have been introduced to the intelligence and effects of Master Mind Groups by Mas Sajady who references Napoleon Hill whose works include ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

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