Our 99% Empty Universe ( #3 Self-Gain )

Looking at the details around me just now, there is a TV monitor on the counter near me. It is attached to an analog antennae to receive the broadcast signals transmitted through the air by the local television stations.

Looking at the dark, blank television screen, the air around me is filled with these broadcast signals. The on-off switch is a filter. ON equals process the signals that the antennae collects. OFF equals the signals are filtered out.

Wherever I move the antennae, there would be these broadcast signals – some stronger than others of course.

The filter of the switch being ON or OFF controls what gets processed by the TV monitor.

The air around me is filled with the electro-magnetic waves on the radio spectrum, and with ultra-violet and x-rays.

The air around me is filled with thoughts, spirits and the consciousness of leaves, rocks and water.

My physical senses filter out all of them.

My physical filters reduce the physical universe to conform with the processes of my five senses between my Mind and my Body.

There are frequencies that my ears hear and my nerves process as sound, and the frequencies that my eyes see as the visible light spectrum and I process as sight. There are the frequencies that stimulate my taste nerve-cells and touch nerve- cells and I process. I also have physical processes for the frequencies that my olfactory nerve-cells use to detect smells.

Looking up at the stars at night, the emptiness of space appears to dominate the sky.

Science tells us that the physical universe is 99% empty – with matter accounting for only 1% of the physical space around us.

1% of the full spectrum of frequencies in the universe are the matter that our physical bodies processes. Our filters let in the specific densities that process as matter (even though at their atomic level every solid object is 99% empty space).

We are told by science that we only use 10% of the processing capacity of our brains. What a triumph it would be for a person to increase their processing capacity by double! From using 10% to using 20%.  Greater abilities to solve problems. Greater abilities to change the world around us. An unlikely possibility as our physical form has had thousands of generations to fix this problem – a fix that would give obvious advantages to the individual with that twice higher intelligence.

Why has that not occurred in the millions of genetic mutations and transformations possible for the human species?

In nature, when a cell or a tissue is not used – the efficiency of nature kills it. It atrophies and dies. Nature conserves itself and does not waste energy and resources nor allow unnecessary and ill-formed plants and animals to survive.

Why has an inefficient, wasteful set of cells survived? How has 90% of our brain’s capacity avoided death?

If science reconciled their pronouncement that 90% of the brain is unused capacity with the laws of nature that conserves its resources and kills off unproductive life-forms, then our brains would have spent the last hundreds of generations shrinking in size as the 90% of wasted brain capacity was eliminated. The 10% would have become efficient at doing what the brain does.

Perhaps, just like the air that my physical senses filter down to just five sets of frequencies that match my five physical senses, my brain only needs 10% of its capacity to process the 1% of the physical space that is devoted to matter.

Perhaps, my brain is using 90% of its processing capacity, conforms with nature’s efficiencies, and is robustly processing the 99% of the physical universe that gets filtered out by our senses.

Our Spirit is able to process 100% of the limitless Universe, including 100% of the physical Universe. Our Spirit does not have physical senses. Our body has physical senses that our Mind-Body filters and processes.

If our Mind-Body begins to process the physical universe without the filters, our connection with our Spirit is awakened – we see the physical universe through our “Spirit eyes”.

With an awakened Spirit, we see 100% of the ‘limitless Universe’ – not just the 1% of the ‘physical universe’ our filters allow.

best regards!

Safe and Healthy Always!

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